This is a growing list of small music festivals, contact improv gatherings, juggling conventions, tantra festivals as well as yoga retreats, meditation retreats and other transformational, boutique, alternative events and culture in Australia and New Zealand.  

Festivals in 2020


Mona Foma

10-20 January 2020 | Tasmania, Australia

Mona Foma is Northern Tasmania’s summer festival, hosted by the Museum of Old and New Art. Mona Foma combines more than 400 artists across 25 venues into one festival. The festival organisers say: ...

Rainbow Serpent Festival

24-27 January 2020 | Victoria, Australia

Rainbow Serpent Festival is an annual music and arts festival in the heart of Lexton, Victoria. The internationally recognised event combines dance, colour, expression and celebration. The festival or ...

Sydney ConFest

25-25 January 2020 | New South Wales, Australia

Sydney ConFest is an annual celebration of life, nature and creativity. The event offers a place to be yourself while experiencing community and features a variety of workshops, communal meals and eve ...


St Jerome’s Laneway Festival

1-9 February 2020 | Australia

St Jerome’s Laneway Festival is an annual event that takes place in multiple cities around Australia. The festival brings the summer’s best local and international acts to a city near you! The fes ...

Voices Of Sacred Earth

6-9 February 2020 | Auckland, New Zealand

Voices Of Sacred Earth is an annual gathering celebrating ancestral practices and knowledge. The event brings together visionaries, wisdom keepers and co-creators from all over the world to provide th ...


7-9 February 2020 | Auckland, New Zealand

Shipwrecked is an open-air music and arts festival in the heart of New Zealand. The boutique festival, brought to you by The Greatest Show On Earth NZ features a wide range of local and international ...

New Zealand International Yoga Festival

21-21 February 2020 | Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand’s International Yoga Festival is an annual event that combines more than 100 yoga workshops with concerts, dance, international presenters and more. Join in on a transformational conscio ...

Electric Gardens

22-22 February 2020 | New South Wales, Australia

Electric Gardens is an annual independent music festival in Sydney, Australia. The boutique event features a variety of the best local and international electronic artists. The festival organisers say ...


Taste Of Love

16-19 March 2020 | New South Wales, Australia

Taste Of Love Festival is an event designed to deep dive into intimacy, living open hearted and an exploration of the erotic. Be part of the journey and celebrate sex, love and consciousness at Taste ...

Earth Beat Festival

20-22 March 2020 | Auckland, New Zealand

Earth Beat Festival is an event that focuses on inspiring and empowering new ways of living. The festival features a multi-genre mix of local and international musical artists, workshops, presentation ...


Blazing Swan

8-14 April 2020 | Western Australia, Australia

Blazing Swan is an annual, week-long arts event held in Western Australia. The festival is based around Jilakin Rock City, a city erected for the purpose of the event with a temporary community of par ...


25-26 April 2020 | South Otago, New Zealand

Epoch is a grassroots festival grounded in the Te Waipounamu community. The festival utilises local talent and artists to support the community and the environment. The festival organisers say: “Epo ...

The Planting

30 April-2 May 2020 | Queensland, Australia

The Planting is an annual event that contributes to worldwide consciousness. Celebrate cultural expression through music, dance, art and folklore in the stunning parklands of Woodfordia. The festival ...

Wide Open Space

30 April-2 May 2020 | Northern Territory, Australia

Wide Open Space is Australia’s most centred festival. The festival features 3 days of music, art and desert culture in the heart of central Australia. The festival organisers say: “Way out over th ...


Happy Daze

29-31 May 2020 | Queensland, Australia

Happy Daze is an annual festival that aims to create and provide a safe and friendly space filled with unforgettable experiences. The festival is a place where you can grow, learn and connect with oth ...


Newcastle Juggling Convention

5-7 June 2020 | New South Wales, Australia

Newcastle Juggling Convention is an annual event in Newcastle, Australia. The convention features workshops, performances, special guests, and socialising under the big top. The festival organisers sa ...

Dark Mofo

10-22 June 2020 | Tasmania, Australia

Dark Mofo is Southern Tasmania’s winter festival, hosted by the Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart. The festival is Hobart’s winter version of Launceston’s summer event Mona Foma. Dark Mofo dra ...


Southern Smoulder

28-31 August 2020 | Canterbury, New Zealand

Southern Smoulder is New Zealand’s south island, Burning Man style event. The festival features an epic journey into the unknown world of Southern Smoulder. The festival organisers say: “Southern ...


Lunar Electric

19-19 September 2020 | New South Wales, Australia

Lunar Electric is an annual music festival that celebrates the best electronic talent Australia has to offer. The event welcomes a wide variety of electronic artists, both local and international. The ...

Burning Seed

23-29 September 2020 | New South Wales, Australia

Burning Seed is Australia’s biggest regional Burning Man style event. The experimental gathering is dedicated to creativity, collaboration and community in Australia. The festival organisers say: ...

Melbourne Juggling Convention

24-27 September 2020 | Victoria, Australia

Melbourne Juggling Convention is an annual, 4-day juggling festival. The event features workshops, performances, networking and, of course, juggling! The festival organisers say: “Melbourne Juggling ...


Mushroom Valley

2-4 October 2020 | Queensland, Australia

Mushroom valley is an annual community gathering to grow, learn and connect. The festival features a range of electronic music, workshops, performances, art installations and more. The festival organi ...


3-4 October 2020 | New South Wales, Australia

Confest is an outdoor camping gathering in the small town of Moulamein. Leave the mainstream world behind and become a participant in the Confest community. The festival organisers say: “ConFest (Co ...

Elements Festival

15-18 October 2020 | Queensland, Australia

Elements Festival is not your average doof. Elements is a series of indoor and outdoor events combining three days of music, arts, markets, workshops and more. The festival organisers say: “Elements ...

Bass In The Grass

31-31 October 2020 | Northern Territory, Australia

Bass In The Grass is the Northern Territory’s largest music festival. The annual waterfront event boasts 10 hours of non stop music, showcasing Australia’s biggest and best acts. https://www.youtu ...

Midnight Mafia

31-31 October 2020 | New South Wales, Australia

Midnight Mafia is Sydney’s biggest indoor festival and the largest hard dance event in the southern hemisphere. The festival annually welcomes the biggest and best hard dance acts in the world to sh ...


Camp Samatou

7-10 November 2020 | Victoria, Australia

Camp Samatou is a four-day intensive celebration of African drum and dance. Hosted by the Melbourne Djembe, the event features a variety of activities and performances, as well as daily workshops, tra ...

Rabbits Eat Lettuce

19-22 November 2020 | New South Wales, Australia

Rabbits Eat Lettuce is an annual music, arts and camping festival. The event features 4 days of camping, 24 hour sound, yoga, workshops, awesome vibes, good music and more. Help dissolve the social ba ...

Strawberry Fields

19-22 November 2020 | New South Wales, Australia

Strawberry Fields is an annual festival that celebrates music and art. The festival has been voted as one of the top 10 must attend summer festivals, as well as one of Australia’s top boutique festi ...

Festival X

27-29 November 2020 | Australia

Festival is Australia’s biggest summer music festival. The brand new event takes place in multiple cities around Australia and New Zealand; bringing the biggest and best local and international elec ...

The Town

27-30 November 2020 | Victoria, Australia

The Town is an annual outdoor event in the beautiful Victorian countryside. Immerse yourself in a mock village like no other and explore what makes an ideal town in this epic sustainable community. Th ...


Hidden Valley Festival

27-27 December 2020 | Matakana, New Zealand

Hidden Valley Festival is a boutique festival held at the Matakana Country Park in Auckland, New Zealand. The festival welcomes a variety of popular local and international electronic music acts. The ...

Woodford Folk Festival

27 December 2020-1 January 2021 | Queensland, Australia

Woodford Folk Festival is an annual, music and arts festival in Queensland, Australia. The internationally recognised event takes place across six days and nights, showcasing more than 2000 performers ...

Beyond The Valley

28 December 2020-1 January 2021 | Victoria, Australia

Beyond The Valley is an annual, boutique music festival in Lardner, Victoria. The event takes place over the new years eve period and showcases the best of local and international indie rock, hip-hop ...

Falls Festival

28 December 2020-5 January 2021 | Australia

Falls Festival is the ultimate end of year, musical getaway. The festival takes place in four different locations around Australia; Lorne, Marion Bay, Byron Bay and Fremantle. The festival organisers ...

Lost Paradise

28 December 2020-1 January 2021 | New South Wales, Australia

Lost Paradise is one of Australia’s largest New Years Eve festivals. More than just music, the festival offers everything from workshops to healing arts, indigenous experiences and more. The festiva ...


29 December 2020-3 January 2021 | Loburn, New Zealand

Convergence is an annual, end of year gathering based around the principles of convergence, sustainability, participation, responsibility and growth. Leave your expectations behind and immerse yoursel ...

Mix Festival

29 December 2020-2 January 2021 | Motueka, New Zealand

Mix Festival is an annual New Years Eve celebration in the luscious town of Motueka, New Zealand. The event features a variety of musical talent, as well as a number of workshops ranging from acro flo ...

Festivals in 2021


Field Day

1-1 January 2021 | New South Wales, Australia

Field Day is Sydney’s annual New Years Day celebration. The festival ‘specialises in party music’, featuring a wide variety of house, hip-hop, indie and electronic music. The festival organisers ...


16-18 January 2021 | Western Australia, Australia

Karnidale is Western Australia’s annual circus festival. The festival features acts from around the world, market stalls, bars, food, workshops and more. The festival organisers say: “A celebratio ...


27 January-1 February 2021 | Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand

Kiwiburn is New Zealand’s regional Burning Man event. Made up of art installations, costumes, fire spinners, drummers, dancers and more, bring your passion and be a part of Kiwiburn! The festival or ...



3-10 February 2021 | Aotearoa, New Zealand

Luminate is a transformational community in Pikikirunga, New Zealand. The festival takes place over 8 days between the summer solstice and autumn equinox. Head over to Golden Bay and enjoy an exciting ...

Earth Frequency Festival

12-15 February 2021 | Queensland, Australia

Earth Frequency Festival is an annual, four-day music, arts and environmental festival in South East Queensland. The festival has a strong focus on arts, education, healing and community spirit. The f ...

Splore Festival

26-28 February 2021 | Auckland, New Zealand

Splore Festival is a three-day music and arts festival on the shores of Tapapakanga Regional Park in New Zealand. The event takes place in one of the most beautiful settings in the world, with a uniqu ...


Byron Bay Blues Fest

1-5 April 2021 | New South Wales, Australia

Byron Bay Blues Fest is Australia’s premier contemporary Blues & Roots music festival. The festival showcases more than 200 performances and over 100 food and market stalls throughout the week-l ...

Groovin The Moo

23 April-8 May 2021 | Australia

Groovin The Moo is an annual music festival that takes place across six different regional areas around Australia. The three-weekend event showcases the best local and international musical talent. Th ...