Where to find Rainbow Gatherings in Australia & New Zealand

Rainbow Gatherings are not festivals.

Imagine instead a temporary village in nature for a cycle of the moon organised by volunteers where everyone cooks, dances, sings and hangs out together around the fire. There’s no use of money and no electric and generally no alcohol or drugs. Anyone can come and anyone can get involved in running them.

directions to the rainbow gathering

There are those who  believe the Rainbow Gatherings are something spiritual, the fulfillment of ancient Native American prophecies as a tribe of Rainbow Warriors rises up to embrace a shining New Age.

Others see Rainbow Gatherings as a lot of fun, a place to hang out in Nature for a few weeks with a bunch of lovely people, dancing barefoot and playing songs on the guitar in A minor.

Either way you can learn a lot about yourself at Rainbow Gatherings and they’re a great example of how people can live together on next to nothing.

Here is a book about the Rainbow Gatherings with some chapters online.

Rainbow Gatherings in Australia & New Zealand in 2022

No one represents the Rainbow Family and so there’s no official Rainbow website. Gatherings used to be spread by word of mouth and now are posted here or there on forums and Facebook groups.

Here we’re posting a summary of rumours of Gatherings but we can’t vouch for its accuracy. We’ll update whenever we get a chance!

For now here are some relevant Facebook group:

Rainbow Gatherings in Australia

Rainbow Gatherings in New Zealand

Rainbow Gatherings in Tasmania

That should be enough to help you find a Rainbow Gathering!