Taste Of Love

Taste Of Love Festival is an event designed to deep dive into intimacy, living open hearted and an exploration of the erotic. Be part of the journey and celebrate sex, love and consciousness at Taste Of Love.

The festival organisers say:

Taste of Love Festival is an event designed to support and bring together individuals and groups dedicated to healing, raising awareness and educating people about conscious sexuality, relationship skills and human evolution. This body of work lives in the realms of personal awareness, spirituality and love, for the benefit of all Beings.

This festival brings together in one place on one weekend many tools, teachers, practices, techniques and ways we can honour ourselves as individuals to grow, learn and behave as accountable, empowered adults in the world.

This in turn leads to inspired beings who nourish their communities with fearless open hearts, choosing loving connections and sexual encounters from a place of awareness, consent and clarity, rather than from patterns of fear, habit and comfort.”

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